Intellectual Property


shutterstock_81193486Intellectual property is all around us but most people are unaware that they own any intellectual property, let alone how they may be able to exploit it.

In both modern business practice and everyday life, an understanding of intellectual property is crucial – what rights you have, what you need, what you are using and by what right and how to protect such rights – are essential to maximise the ownership of any intellectual property.


  • Intellectual property is regularly categorised as follows:

    • Copyright
    • Moral rights
    • Performer’s rights
    • Patents
    • Trade marks
    • Design rights
    • Database rights
  • Each right is very different, some require formal protection (such as trade marks), whilst others are protected simply by their existence (such as copyright).

    DF Legal can advise you on how best to protect your rights and with the assistance of Trade Mark and Patent agents, to get the best out of your intellectual property.

Loosely related to intellectual property is that of business know how and confidentiality rules. DF Legal can help with confidentiality clauses in employment contracts and shareholder agreements to ensure that all parties are protected.
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