Buying a house is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime. At DF Legal, we understand the importance of ensuring you can trust your legal representative to act efficiently to achieve your goal. We are available through e-mail, face to face and over the phone and you will be given the name of your personal legal representative who will be with you every step of the transaction.

DF Legal is completely open about our costs from the outset and, therefore, you can carefully plan your budget without any nasty shocks later on in the transaction. Not every conveyancing transaction is straight forward and, occasionally, unforeseen additional costs and disbursements may arise. Where this happens, we will advise you as soon as possible so you are kept fully informed.

Here, we also know that not everyone has the same requirements – so whether you are looking to buy and sell, build on land or renovate a build, or release some equity from your home, we keep a close eye on the finer detail ensuring your personal needs are individually met.

Our property team has decades of experience in a vast number of property matters, including:


And many other areas.

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