Any redundancy procedure for both the employer and the employee provides a difficult time. It is therefore crucial that both parties fully under their right and duties during this period.

It is crucial that employers understand what redundancy means and how they must inform and consult collectively (with trade unions or employee representatives) about any potential redundancy. It is important that employers considered all employees fairly before deciding who will be made redundant and in addition considered if alternative employment options within the company are available.

Employees who are dismissed by reason of redundancy may be entitled to a statutory redundancy payment and should contact us to ensure they understand their rights.

Employers who do not handled a redundancy procedure correctly may be liable to an employee challenging the termination of their employment as an unfair dismissal.

What is redundancy

Section 139 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 defines redundancy as a process that incorporates three situations: the closure of a business, the closure of a workplace and the reduction of the workforce.

If you are going through or may be about to go through a redundancy process, contact us today on to ensure that your are protected.

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