Companies at some stage may be in a situation where a contract if employment needs to be brought to an end for a variety of reasons. The employees may at this time have a potential claim against the employer under common law, their employment contract or under statute.

Such claims can arise through the entire process of employment starting with the recruitment stage. An employer can look in some cases to make a payment to the employee in return for them waiver the right to bring such claims. These agreements are referred to as Settlement Agreements and Compromise Agreements.

We at DF legal are experienced drafting and negotiating such agreements across the full range of legal issues.

It is important for employers and employees to note that such agreements are binding and once signed (depending upon the details of the agreement) no future claim can be brought against the employer.

If you are an employer who would like guidance on this issue and for us to draft such agreement for you, contact us on

If you are an employee who has been offered such agreement, make sure you know your rights before you sign and contact us on and speak with our In-House Barrister.

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